Punched Lies

This is the post excerpt.


A tale of a failed marriage told in a very unique manner

This life gave me a super story i would love to share
It all started when i married Nnenna ( she was a friend

I so loved hard work that i often slept with open eyes
I even got swollen fingers from punching 23 lines
She moved in, i dropped my single status, then there was a big hit
Her photo albums had only grannies, i didn’t see a male list

I couldn’t even have drinks with my guys at any joints or hot spot
She threatened she would always see me coz she had this Wife eye
She hated math, but wanted to add weight and multiply her income
She would make up any excuse to conceal the foundations of her actions
Once, she used my money for checkups coz she touched a deceased
I was like, ‘Why? you can’t be sick,
You have too many stretch marks, by those stripes you are healed’

She made me fight with my boss to shuttle my taxes
A live wired transfer was a shocking way to lose my job if you ask me
Her new job earned her millions, a music teacher in a 5-star daycare
She couldn’t play the guitar, but she pulled some strings to get way up there
I even had to do the pushing when we had our first child, yes she was that lazy
She didn’t have a license yet but she really drove me crazy

They say marriage is an institution maybe she should be expelled
It’s a pity we already had the certificates in the very first year
Soon we went to the court to break the knot we tied there
I got to keep our son, so yes we got divorced in our third year

Fb: Ohanado Uche Erudite